About Us

When we meet at The Spike people just come along and talk between each other and have tea and coffee and soft drinks. Children can either sit in with the group or play with games we supply, or play in the play area (slides etc.) outdoors.

The group at the moment consists of mums and dads with their children, children age from about 6-16, several adults with Tourette’s, we allow people just to talk about what they want to talk about in a controlled environment. We are lucky with our group it is like a big family of all ages and so far all the people that join seem to fit in straight away, several of the children have formed strong friendships texting or skyping each other.

We also do quite a lot of activities out of the Spike like Bowling, Archery, Harry Potter World, Milestones (Living History  Museum in Basingstoke.). Going to the seaside Walks etc. It has also been known for us to go to the pub. We are always open for new ideas. Most weeks the group consists of about twelve people. 

If you would like to see what we have been up to and see what we are doing in the future you are more than welcome to friend request  Tourette's Action Guildford Support Group on Facebook as it is a closed group.

Our group generally meets up on the last Sunday of the month. Depending what is on throughout the year, we have been known to move it slightly, please visit ur 'events' page,Tourette's Action website and our Facebook group page for changes. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 07931968583 if you want any more details or TJ on 07456441690.

Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting you at the next meeting